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Frozen Enrichment for Dogs

Frozen Enrichment for Dogs

Frozen Enrichment for Dogs

With the upcoming sky booms, I’m grateful that Mabel doesn’t give two hoots about fireworks. So, I’m adding more enrichment to her daytime routine so she’s as relaxed as possible at night while we hunker down inside, blinds closed, TV blaring, and her snore-farting her way through pops, bangs, and booms. I’m all for fireworks and thunderstorm fear prevention.

I’m still trying to get my sweet girl to lose a pound or two, so I’m calling this…

Mabel’s Lowfat Fishylicous Frozen Treat

Ingredients (takes three minutes to put together)

Trader Joe’s Sardine Water—when adding sardines to Mabel’s diet, I love using the water in enrichment toys (salt-free, of course).

Honest Kitchen Cod Skin—one or if your dog isn’t carrying extra weight, two might be fun.

Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk—1/8 teaspoon. You could use more, but Mabel gets this in other ways, and too much gives her drippy doos.

Honest Kitchen Turkey Bone Broth—1/8 teaspoon: again, you can use more but no one wants drippy doos.

Outward Hound Slow Feeder Bowl—I’ve had mine forever. Gavin loved to lick peanut butter from it, but this one is similar.

Bark Pouch Salmon & Ricotta Dog Treats—a few squirts can start your pup on the frozen yumminess.

Water—1/2 cup. You can use more if your dog doesn’t get bored as quickly as Mabel.

Optional veggies or fruit—I added some chopped-up watermelon. Mabel loves it, and her veterinarian reminded me it’s a cooling food.

The Process

Before I put my sardines in a container, I squeeze all the juice into the slow feeder. Then, I mix water with goat’s milk and bone broth in a bowl and add it to the slow feeder. I place the cod skin anywhere that it’ll stand up vertically. Then I drop in some watermelon and freeze.

Right before I give Mabel her frozen fish enrichment, I squeeze some Salmon & Ricotta Bark Pouch on top to encourage her to start enjoying herself.

That’s it! I hope your dog(s) fare well with the holiday fireworks. Anything we can do to make it easier on them, let’s do it!

*This article contains affiliate links to help supplement Mabel’s lifestyle (hopefully). When she came to me, she was eating Dollar Store food. Now, she eats better than me on my best days.

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