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Easiest Dog Enrichment Ever

Easiest Dog Enrichment Ever

Easiest Dog Enrichment Ever

When it’s super hot or cold outside, one of my favorite activities with Mabel (Gavin loved it, too) is to head to a local dog store and stock up on her food or grab a new toy. We’ve made friends with the employees, so they seem not to mind us meandering up and down the aisles, training before I buy anything.

I was so excited to find this toy but quickly became frustrated with filling and cleaning it. I learned that our pouches make filling super easy, and if I use a recipe with a contrasting color, clean-up is a breeze.

Mabel’s Easy Squeezy Frozen Enrichment

Ingredients (takes one minute to put together)

Kong Goodie Ribbon (likely a better choice)—The Quest Star Pod toy is pictured above. I couldn’t find it online, so perhaps I’m not the only person struggling to clean it.

Bark Pouch Sardines & Cream Cheese Dog Treats—a little goes a long way. To save freezing time, squeeze one tiny bit into each hole.

Toothbrush (for cleaning)

Dawn Power Wash (best dish cleaner ever)

You squeeze our treats into the hole and pop the toy in the freezer. I learned the hard way not to use our Peanut Butter & Blueberry Recipe in this toy. Seeing blueberry-colored treats in a purple toy while I was cleaning was extremely difficult. Still, our Sardines & Cream Cheese Recipe or Turkey & Chicken Recipe are light enough in color that I’m confident Mabel’s toy will be clean and sterile the next time I fill it.

I spray Dawn Power Wash on her enrichment toys and let them soak in soap (no water) before I scrub the crevices with a toothbrush. I miss having a dishwasher so much.

*This article contains affiliate links to help supplement Mabel’s lifestyle (hopefully). When she came to me, she was eating Dollar Store food. Now, she eats better than me on my best days.

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