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I believe there’s no greater joy than a delightful time with your dog(s). So we (my amazing team and I) make irresistible lickable treats that are easy to use while walking, training, grooming, familying, and friending, even vet visits. One quick squeeze, and you’ll enjoy game-changing attention from your dog and share more magical moments.

Dogs + Cleanliness + Safety

We start every morning with a pristine kitchen and our love for dogs. That adoration fuels our adherence to strict food safety processes every minute of every day.

Your Trust Means the World to Us

Making fresh ingredients shelf-stable is a big responsibility that we don’t take lightly, ever. Our six-step sterilization process allows you to use super fresh ingredients for treating at any temperature.

Real Food for Real Good Reasons

As devoted dog moms and dads who diligently read every food label, we know the importance of feeding minimal and high-quality ingredients. Our dogs eat the treats we make too.

The Right Treat Makes All the Difference

After 15 wonderful years training dogs, we know that finding high-value treats that your dog happily eats, no matter where you are, has a life-changing impact on both of you.

Just a Few Dogs We Love

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