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Face of a Gentle Giant

Face of a Gentle Giant

Skype Dog Training We met this 90-pound huggy hound back in 2011. Bo just loved everyone so much that he wanted to throw his entire body on every person he met. He has so much joy to share. Poor, tender Bo does not understand why people cross the street when they see him coming. He would not hurt anyone, ever. Let us not judge him or any other dog by their color and size. Here is a short tale about a very big, affectionate dog.

How did you and your dog find each other? 

Chicago Animal Care and Control (a.k.a The City Pound)

What is the biggest assumption people make based on your dog’s looks?

That he must be aggressive because he is a big, black Pit.

What personality trait does your dog possess that contradicts his or her physical appearance?

Bo is a love bug to a fault. He is my gentle giant.

What are the biggest obstacles you and your dog have overcome together? And, what was most helpful in helping you do so? 

Separation anxiety. My big baby boy did not like to be away from his mom (me) for our furry companion for the first full year.

If you could make a sign for the world to see to understand your dog’s individual needs better, what would it say? 

I am a Lover, not a Fighter.

Anything else you want to share?

Please Don’t Bully My Breed.

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