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Enrichment Toy Stuffing

Enrichment Toy Stuffing

Enrichment Toy Stuffing

It took time to adjust to life with a food-motivated Mabel. My angel Gavin and I used to sit on the bathroom floor with what I called his Thanksgiving feast. I’d meditate, rub essential oils on my hands, then love on him and let him tell me whether that morning’s favorite food was a Bark Pouch, liverwurst, baby food, canned dog food, or cheese. I gave him at least five rotating options every day. Once my sweet boy licked his day’s favorite food, I’d start the process with his highest-priority pills first. I’m still so grateful that Gavin and I figured out a system together to keep him as healthy as possible as long as possible. I miss him terribly.

Conversely, Mabel stands behind me excited and expectant, even when I’m chopping veggies for myself. So, aside from giving my sweet girl more enrichment and chewing options, making what I call her breakfasts and dinner #2s has become an act of love.

So, today, I’d like to share Mabel’s favorite secondary meals (she eats a raw diet on a pet platter too) that help create positive associations with confinement in her room (where I’ll eventually leave her alone again). No cooking, blending, or intricate mixing is required. I like to keep life at home simple and easy.

Mabel’s Tastylicious Feastastic Toppl

Ingredients (makes one Toppl)

Celery – half stalk (chopped) but keep the wide bottom part or leafy end for the middle of the Toppl

Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk – 1/2 teaspoon

Honest Kitchen Turkey Bone Broth – 1/2 teaspoon

Stella & Chewy’s Turkey Meal Mixers – five to six nuggets (Mabel’s carrying a couple of jelly rolls around her belly right now because we’re training and using a lot of treats. When she’s fit and trim, I use seven or eight nuggets.)

Against the Grain Salmon canned food – one spoonful (Because I’ve spent years measuring to the teensiest, tiniest amounts at the shop; I’m a measuring renegade at home, unless necessary.)

K9 Connoisseur Beef Lung – two to three chunks (I’m keeping the rebellion alive.)

Bark Pouch Turkey & Chicken – a squirt or two (If you’re better at making hearts and smiley faces than I am, send photos to treats@barkpouch.com. I tried to write I HEART U in the above photo but as you can see, it was an epic fail.)

Optional treat crumbs – a sprinkle or two (You know the crumbs at the bottom of your bait bag? Every time I wash Mabel’s treat pouch, I scoop the scraps into a bowl for use in her enrichment toys.)

The Process

Take the wide end or leafy part (you know, the parts no one likes or eats?). Actually, I loathe celery and only buy it for Mabel because her veterinarian suggested it when my sweet girl was catching every virus, illness, and parasite imaginable last year.

I digress. Back to making your dog(s) enriching second breakfast or dinner. Place the no-one-likes-part-of-the-celery in the middle of your Toppl so the good stuff doesn’t get stuck there, causing your dog frustration.

Next, I insert one to two Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers in each slot of the Toppl. They fit perfectly. Then, I mix goat’s milk and bone broth with a little bit of water and add my chopped-up celery (I can’t be bothered to buy or use the stopper) so I eyeball how much of my liquid will coat the meal mixers and make it fun rather than pouring all over my counter. I’ve had some misses but mixing the celery with the broth adds a little coating of yumminess to the vegetable that Mabel loves.

Lastly, I scoop Against the Grain dog food on top, smush it down then add my beef lung and a little dollop of Bark Pouch and freeze.

I hope your dog(s) like Mabel’s Toppl Recipe. Subscribe to stay in touch. I’ll add more fun ideas every week.

*This article contains affiliate links to hopefully help supplement Mabel’s lifestyle. She was eating Dollar Store food when she came to me.

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