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15% Off Monthly Subscription (50-Gram)

15% Off Monthly Subscription (50-Gram)

(1 customer review)

$35.08 / month

Share more magical moments with your dog and save 15% with our monthly subscription.


Get 6, 12, 18, or 24 pouches delivered to your door monthly (you pick the recipes). Oh, so easy, breezy.


We love offering our monthly subscription, at a discount. Once you sign up, kindly make note of your subscription renewal date. If you have any changes (recipe choices, need to put your subscription on hold or cancel temporarily), kindly due so PRIOR to your renewal date in the My Account section. This helps us keep your dog(s)’s favorite recipes in stock, when you want and need them. Thanks in advance!


Buy subscriptions in sets of six. Pick your favorite blends, whatever combinations you prefer. Want all of one recipe? We can do that! Want two pouches of three recipes? We can do that too!
If you want 12 pouches per month, add two subscriptions to your cart, 18 pouches per month, add three subscriptions to your cart, and so on.
  • Beef & Liverwurst Recipe

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  • Peanut Butter & Blueberry Recipe

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  • Salmon & Ricotta Recipe

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  • Sardines & Cream Cheese Recipe

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  • Turkey & Chicken Recipe

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1 review for 15% Off Monthly Subscription (50-Gram)

  1. Michelle Cavallaro

    I absolutely love the 50 gram subscription. I use it daily on our neighborhood walks with my 2 miniature schnauzers. It’s perfect in the winter when I’m wearing gloves and so easy to pull out as needed in the warmer months. It helps my dogs get by triggers and focus on me when needed. The dogs love ALL the flavors and I can’t be without them! Thank you for making the ideal product for us!

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