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It’s Mabel here. I’m taking over the blog this week because my human always tells me I’m smarter than her on her best days, even fully caffeinated. So, I’m sharing my wisdom today to pass along to your dog(s).

Here goes:

When your human is in the flushy room, with the door shut, you should lie as close as possible and breathe loudly. Then you can play or go on your walk faster.

You must chew bully sticks and hair-on hides right next to your human’s head while they do yoga or pilates. Their mat is the best, no matter how much space you have.

Save your human money by sprawling over their car console while they drive (tethered). If your booty rests against the back seat just right, you’ll express your anal glands, which is so helpful.

When you go to a SniffSpot, drink as much water from the hose as possible. When you’re home, sit by the back door every two minutes after your human finally sits down for the day.

If your human looks sad or stressed, bring them a toy and squeak, squeak, squeak until they smile. Or, stretch and snore-fart really loud. That always makes my person laugh. 

That’s all the insight I have today.

Oh, wait. One more thing: My human has almost finished the Dog Pro sub-website, where dog training, grooming, or walking businesses with a FEIN can get a more significant discount than the bulk savings built-in at barkpouch.com. When it’s ready, the application will be on the FAQ page. If she gets a lot of applications, she’ll give preference to the longest-term, most frequent dog professional customers. 

I can’t believe I almost forgot to talk about treats. I love snacks. How awesome is it that my human found me, a dog who loves yum yums?

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