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What Matters Most

What Matters Most

What Matters Most

This time of year, I’m infatuated with cheesy holiday movies. Even when I can predict the ending in the first five minutes or the writing and acting are terrible, I love the underlying themes. Whether it’s love always prevails, believe in the power of magic, or when your intentions are pure, dreams do come true, holiday movies make me happy. And, they give me time to unwind with a sweet, snoring dog under the covers, snuggled next to me. 

Sunday morning, we sat on Gavin’s dog bed, readying ourselves for our morning routine. He was facing me, and I was rubbing his chin. Then, he turned, so he was able to lean his backside against me, nestled in the crook of my knees. Something I learned years ago was his way of grounding himself. At the time, Gavin struggled to eat or even get out of bed before noon. All the positive experiences and associations I was trying to build for him weren’t working. So, I hired a reiki therapist.

Aside from peace of mind hearing that Gavin felt loved and the best essential oils for his needs, the therapist helped me understand how I’m feeling and experiencing the world affects my super sensitive dog. I didn’t realize, at the time, how much I needed to heal some old wounds, something I’ve since dedicated time to do.

Perhaps it’s just tons of good experiences or me working on myself or living in the right home and environment for both Gavin and me, but Gavin relaxes and recovers now with ease. So I sat, lazily rubbing his chest, feeling grateful for the 65-lb pound dog perfectly content to lean/fall against me.

In the silence of the morning, I was grateful for the warmth and safety of my home. I thought about how lucky I was. I walk my dog daily without fear of violence in my neighborhood. Then my mind drifted to the people in my life. My heart was full because I have people who accept and love me, exactly as I am, and those who help me see things differently, so I’m a better version of myself tomorrow than I am today. And, well, the dog smashed against me. I was grateful that he seemed to forgive me for misjudging the weather multiple times recently and either overdressing or underdressing him for our walk.

I’m so grateful to all of you for every “my dog loves your treats” email, unsolicited kind words, and purchase from my still tiny business. Because of your November gifts and my matches, I sent $171 worth of pouches to the Live Like Roo Foundation, which helps dogs struggling with cancer of all kinds. 

May you be safe and healthy this holiday season, no matter where you are and what hopes you have for your future. I wish you love, light, and all the peace your heart deserves.

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