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Weeds & Seeds

Weeds & Seeds

I received an email last week seeking a donation for a shelter from a Girl Scout attempting to achieve a Silver Award. As I read what could have easily been a scam, I thought it also sounded like a child requesting treats to help homeless dogs. So, I asked a few questions, carefully choosing my words, as I didn’t want to plant seeds of discouragement or frustration if I was, in fact, corresponding with a kindhearted kid.

We’re all sifting and sorting through messages and information coming at us that could easily take hold of us and instill frustration and hopelessness. Recovering from reading the news daily takes a lot of emotional excavation.

As I pull weeds from the yard, as many of you do, I find the process cathartic. We’re ridding our surroundings of roots that rob us of flourishment, removing undergrowth that prevents us from evolving, and readying ourselves to plant seeds of dog-friendly flora that bloom and rise to the sun, to the light.  

I’ve always struggled with gardening. Given Gavin’s penchant for munching on vegetation, my goal was always to make sure whatever I planted was safe, even healthy for him to eat. My sweet boy loved lounging in the yard and could be passed out snoring, often in mulch or rocks, which seemed oddly uncomfortable. I’d come up from the basement doing kitchen laundry to see him poking his head up, sprouts hanging from his lip, and a look on his face, “I wasn’t eating anything.”

This year, I’d like to improve my green thumb while tending to my internal garden. We had a wonderfully productive and smooth week in the kitchen despite two potential new employees no-call-no-showing for an interview and one calling off two hours before she was supposed to start. When Cammie came in yesterday, I chose to be grateful for her commitment, hard work, and overall awesomeness rather than allowing slight staffing setbacks to overtake our time together making treats.

And I donated the Girl Scout, who turned out to be legitimate and seemingly over the moon, to add to her care package for shelter dogs. May we all find ways to remove what’s preventing our growth and our ability to feel and spread love and light.

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