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We Small Businesses

We Small Businesses

It’s been five months since we moved into our own kitchen.  And, every time I unlock the door, I’m unbelievably grateful that it’s as sparkly clean as we left it.  I don’t miss spending rent money to clean up other peoples’ messes nor the time wasted carrying everything we needed for the day from our shelves to carts to the kitchen, then back again at the end of the day.

Among the many perks of having our very own space to make your dog(s)’ treats is I’m hoping in the next three to six months, the rent change will help offset the rising costs and growing difficulty to procure every one of our ingredients.  I didn’t know pre-2020 that I should have been grateful that I could go to the grocery store and get everything I needed in one trip.  I’m still 30% short of the turkey I need for our next Turkey & Chicken day, even after going to four different stores and, man, the price of salmon has doubled in recent months.

I was also hoping that a local vendor would take me on to outsource my shipping and that because the company is much bigger than mine, they’d pass along shipping and shipping supply savings.  Boy, I was wrong.  I almost spit out my coffee when I received their astronomical quote.  So, for now, I’m still going to be the one packing orders, with the hopes of hiring someone to help me during the busy weeks (thank you).

I’ve been assuming for months that when I finally found the time to meet with a third-party logistics company, I could reduce my shipping costs.  Unfortunately, because I’m still a teeny tiny business, my shipping rates are high, and supplies are among the items that have inflated in recent months. 

So, as of January 21st, the shipping rate will be $8.95 per order.  Please know that I spent a lot of time and effort to avoid raising this, and if you have and maintain a subscription as of the above date, you’ll be able to keep the $7.95 rate (provided you don’t cancel your subscription).  Thank you for shopping small, I know we’re all feeling the pain of inflation right now so, I’m sorry for the $1 increase per order. 

Free shipping on orders of $100+ (not valid on wholesale)