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Twerps & Teenagers

Twerps & Teenagers

Twerps & Teenagers

My nephew turned 16 last weekend, and I joined his mom’s side of the family at a local driving range. Not much makes me laugh wilder, with my whole being, than doing something I’m terribly unskilled at—golf, well, let’s say I cackled so profoundly, I was crying. However, my goal for the night was not to hit anyone on the head with a ball, and I was ecstatic that I succeeded.

As I caught up with Isaac’s grandmother (who I was excited to hear is retiring soon), I occasionally glanced over at my nephew and thought, “man, he’s such an easy-to-like, kind kid.” I was a totally selfish, boy-obsessed twerp at his age. Not Isaac, who asked me at least twice if I was having a good time on HIS birthday.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to be more grateful for easy, simple moments. So, after my nephew’s celebration, I sat in my car and intentionally said thanks for a delightful evening. I allowed myself to feel appreciation for having shared a momentous occasion with someone I love and charming people I don’t get to see that often.

As I drove home, my mind wandered to my big-love boy, the soft-sweetness that was Gavin. And I remembered what a twerp he was when he was a teenager. Of course, I can laugh about it now, but I’d ask him to “sit,” and he’d grumble, bark, play growl, then zoom around the room mumbling the whole time before he’d pointedly look at me and lay down. I often called him El Diablo when he was in that stage.

One night I was doing yoga and heard what I thought was running water. Had I forgotten to turn off the faucet after I washed my hands? Nope, it was Gavin, who was a breeze to potty train, stink-eye staring at me, lifting his leg, and peeing on my couch. 

As it’s likely evident, I’m not ready to love another dog, but I can give love to another dog. One of my friends runs a local rescue, and I’ve signed up to be a buddy to a dog in boarding—take her on walks and outings. She’s a twerp teenager, so wish me luck. And to those in that stage with your dogs, I’m sending you love and light because you need and deserve it. 

May your day and weekend be filled with ease, grace, and humor, even if it means laughing at yourself or a twerp teenage dog’s antics.

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