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The Village

The Village

My clever and cheerful kitchen cohort Cammie was out this week getting married and enjoying her honeymoon (so happy for her), so the equally impressive EmiLee stepped in during her busy wedding photography season to help us in the kitchen. It’s an understatement to say I’m grateful to them and Miranda, Lou, and Sasha for being loyal, kind, and darn good at what they do for me daily. I repeatedly have to tell vendors the same information, and they often still don’t get it right. 

Our kitchen days were smooth, but we didn’t make as many pouches as I wanted to be respectful that EmiLee was doing us a favor coming in after she’s kind of sort of quit to focus on her growing business. And, when we make 500 pouches in a day, it’s a long day for my mom. She won’t eat her favorite snack, turkey sticks, when Gavin’s there because he looks sad while she’s eating, and he’s allergic to poultry, so she can’t share.  

Sometimes when I think about how smart and emotionally savvy dogs are, I wonder if Gavin knows how many people alter their life for him. My mom, brothers, sister, boyfriend, and friends make accommodations for the ridiculous and sweet dog I love. As I’m attempting to re-connect with friends after my move and Gavin’s surgery, not one hesitated when I said we needed to meet somewhere where I can bring Gavin as he’s still working up to being relaxed when he’s alone.

I’m lucky, I know, for everyone in my life.

Because I didn’t want my mom, my team, or myself to be busy twice this week until 8 or 9 pm, we’ll likely sell out of what we made (Beef & Liverwurst and Salmon & Ricotta) very quickly. But we’ll be making more this week. It takes us almost as much time to set up and clean up a 200 pouch day as it does a 500 pouch day, but we need an extra pair of hands so we can all eat dinner at a reasonable hour. If you know anyone who wants to help us in the kitchen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please send them my way.

Thank you for trusting us to make your dog(s)’ treats, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend with everyone you love.

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