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The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

One of the things I miss about training dogs or attending in-person events is meeting people who adore their dogs. There’s something so beautiful about connecting with a human being who I know, by looking in their eyes, even after only chatted for a few moments, that they’d bend over backward to give their dog(s) what they needed most, quality time, in whatever way that particular dog (or dogs) required.

This past weekend I wrapped up (for the most part) months of working, planning, coordinating, and lots of overthinking with my kitchen move and the website redesign/photo update with an outdoor photoshoot of phenomenal people interacting with their dogs at my favorite park in Columbus. 

In between takes, I chatted with everyone. And, when my next-door neighbors were lamenting about how their teenage dog didn’t care about pleasing them at all, I thought about Gavin at that age and how he’d bite my butt on walks when he was frustrated. Or when he stared at me then lifted his leg and peed on my couch after months of dreamy outside potty behavior, or how he’d grumble like the Tasmanian devil when I asked him to do anything. 

And, I thought about Finn while we walked and walked with Sasha and her two dogs to the perfect spot under the skyline. Finn loved walking, and the distance we walked together was nothing for him, an appetizer, as it was for her and her dogs. But, the lazy dog I live with now would have wanted me to carry him about ten minutes into our stroll.  

After we wrapped up with everyone Saturday afternoon, I was exhausted. It’s been a roller coaster of a few months. But, I was also unbelievably grateful for everyone who gave me their most valuable gift, their time. For two days, every person who came to the park with their dog(s) was lovely, kind, and joyfully agreeable to switching from the right to the left so we could see their face in photos, and man was it fun. 

I had big plans after our photoshoots to work out and pack up a few orders (sorry) but, instead, I decided to reward myself with time. It was a beautiful day, and I had a couple of hours before my sister’s birthday dinner, so Gavin and I chilled in the backyard while he smiled, sniffed the air, and I thumbed through a magazine. For a split second, I felt guilty about not being productive. Then I reminded myself that the gift of doing nothing in the backyard is something I don’t have in February in the midwest, so I indulged in time with myself, time with my dog. Time enjoying something I adore, reading a magazine. 

May you do the same today and this weekend, indulge in time doing what you enjoy most, give yourself and your dog(s) your most precious gift, time. It’s finite, and we all have to enjoy every single second that we can. 

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