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The Floating Cork

The Floating Cork

The Floating Cork

When I’m alone in the shop, I often listen to inspirational podcasts or YouTube videos while I work. One of my favorite philosophies is Abraham Hicks, so much so that I subscribed to their email list. And one of this week’s daily messages mentioned doing what makes us happy, whatever floats our cork.

I got the biggest kick out of that, possibly because I love wine. Or, perhaps because it’s just another way to say, be present and enjoy the moment. That we should all, when possible, do what makes us happy. Whether it’s giving all our focus and attention to the task at hand or sitting on our dog’s bed with him, listening to nothing but the sweet sound of his snore, their philosophy is to do what you love, and more good stuff easily comes to you.

Saturday night, I was driving a U-Haul van all over Columbus in the pouring rain to pick up some new furniture, and I was on cloud nine. My tiny little apartment doesn’t have space for a sofa, so I’m treating myself (and Gavin) to a new sofa that’s so cozy it feels like I’m sitting on a cloud. And, I finally have a kitchen with space for a dining room table, so I needed one of those. 

While feeling like total a badass for driving a big honking vehicle through a torrential downpour, I wished I could go back in time and talk to my 20-year-old self. Man, I spent so much energy stressing over boyfriends and crushes that I think I could have learned a few languages with the time wasted. If I only knew that, I’d love my life at this age, no matter whether I’m single or not. And I get as excited about seeing the baby birds hatching on my mom’s porch as I do every month, exceeding the previous month’s sales. Thank you for that!

I’ll be out next week to focus on the move and getting my sweet knucklehead settled into our new place. The lovely EmiLee will be shipping your orders all week, but anything that comes in tomorrow through the holiday will ship on Tuesday. She deserves to spend her holiday with her loved ones.

I hope you do the same. Snuggle with or walk your dog. Get lost in a good book. Or, laugh, twirl, and dance in the rain, but do something that floats your cork this weekend.