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Tags: Dog Obedience

Car Safety

When climbing into the car to hit the dog park, the dog beach, or for a trip to the vet, we need to remember to ask ourselves: is my dog safe? Nothing makes me more nervous than seeing someone driving down the road with their best friend on their lap, head hanging out the window…. View more

Response Without Treats

You will set the stage for compliance by always following through after you have given a command. We strive to teach the dog that behavior, when requested, is not optional. If it is new information you will use the rule of three, 3 lured trials, add the verbal cue. Next, pair with 3 more lures… View more

Teaching "Drop"

Having a new puppy or dog in the home is the quickest way to teach humans to be very tidy. If your dog rummages through garbage/laundry or spends their days counter surfing, “leave it” and “drop” are two very important cues to teach them. Both must be practiced with real-life items or the moment they… View more


Attitude Adjustment What does  dog want when he jumps up? Attention.  If you and all your guests can be consistent with giving attention only when he’s not jumping, he will stop jumping in a matter of days. Reward only greetings that you want repeated. When he jumps on you, stand tall and turn your back…. View more

Dog and New Baby

Your dog has been the center of your world so you need to teach him that being away from you is a good thing before the baby arrives. It is tough after a long day and everyone believes that they will still give the exact same amount of attention to their four-legged child but you… View more

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