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As we wrap up another wild, woolly, and weird year, I’d like to offer some reflections inspired by the miraculous beings called dogs, of course.

1. Treasure and frequently thank someone specials who let you lean on them when you’re sad and who gladly sit by your side when you celebrate your successes, even small ones.

2. Don’t postpone doing things that rejuvenate your spirit or bring you joy, everyone benefits when you replenish your soul.

3. Even if it’s been years since you’ve seen a dog you love, your heart aches when you hear of their passing. And, you wish so much to take away the pain of the person who loved them most.

4. Tears always dry. It’s up to you to let the difficult times expand your heart.

5. Be grateful, really sit in thankfulness, when your dog is feeling good enough, emotionally and physically, to sass you (like Gavin, who’s mid-bark in the above photo).

6. There’s no such thing as being too supportive, compassionate, and patient with someone you know, love, and trust.

7. Giving your dog what they need will transform you if you let it.

8. A dog’s love is life’s greatest gift. From quiet moments of slow Sunday mornings to knowing glances that develop over the years, dogs give so much without even trying.

9. Dog people are the best.

10. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, your dog is there for you.

I wish you love, success, and abundance in the new year. And, whatever way you choose to ring in the next chapter, that is 2022; I hope it brings you joy and peace. 

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