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My tank was empty last night, but I needed to move and felt compelled to do a 30-minute online yoga class. The asana was what my tired body and weary spirit needed. The instructor continuously weaved in the message that we don’t get rainbows until after rain, downpours, or storms. And for those experiencing droughts, not only is rain welcome, they celebrate showers. 

My internet line was cut or damaged in a storm last Friday, and it’s been an uphill battle to repair it. The company no-showed on Monday and arrived at my apartment on Tuesday, despite my booking the appointment through their business division, and wouldn’t make the six-block trip to our shop. They finally fixed the internet on Wednesday.

These are not life-altering issues, of course, but they added more work to my days, having to drive elsewhere to print our packing slips and labels, and not much brings out my ugly side more than repeated frustrating phone calls that end without results. 

As I was leaving the shop Tuesday, on the phone with the said company, to print everything for orders to go out the next day, my energy was icky. But I looked at the two people still kicking butt after a wonky day and thought, man, am I lucky? Miranda smiled and gave me a thumbs up while she continued putting pouches into the sous vide while Cammie was busy with the cold water bath. She repeatedly impresses me. My rainbows are the people who work by my side and for my business daily. Even on the days when our flow is off, or they’re there two hours later than usual, they work so hard, with unbelievable integrity.

Alternatively, I had an experience with a vendor who did a terrible job and then accused me of not paying her even though I sent her multiple photos of the transaction. The vendor began violently harassing me via text. After triple-checking with my bank that I didn’t goof up the vendor’s payment, I ceased engaging with her.

Instead, I thought again about my rainbows. The dog who lays next to me and sleeps so profoundly that I feel his eye flutter against my leg brings light to my life. My mom, who lovingly tolerates all the smelly and gross side effects of my sweet dog’s healing stomach surgery, adds so much peace of mind to my days. And honestly, as much as I love what I do, I’m giddy thinking about overdue rest and downtime this weekend.   

May your storm clouds move quickly through your day, and may the rainbow on the other side awe and inspire you. 

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