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Magical Moments

Magical Moments

Magical Moments

It was a Sunday morning, and I’d just finished an hour of pulling weeds. I asked Gavin if he wanted to go inside and get breakfast. He gave me that look that told me he wanted to stay outside. It was a beautiful day. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I sat on his blanket with him. As Gavin nestled into me, I realized I was tired, so I laid down on the ground. 

As a kid, I loved being outside and often laid in the grass as a break during day-long bike adventures with my friends. I forgot how freeing it is to give in and just let the earth hold me. As I relaxed (something I’m TERRIBLE at doing), I thought about how lucky I am to have shared 8+ years with the amazing soul that is my Gavin. 

And I thought about those early days when we’d both come home from walks exhausted because he didn’t yet understand the world around him and that he could trust me to do everything I could to make his days as safe and peaceful as possible.

Phew, those early days, Gavin jumped ten feet in the air in excitement at every person we passed (we lived by a school, so we passed A LOT of people), then he’d bite my butt or hurl himself at and chomp down on trees when every person didn’t greet him. 

But, at home, we both learned how to communicate with and love each other for exactly who we are. And, I felt my patience growing, my compassion evolving, and my heart open to the simple, magical moments like his sing-song snore, his desire always to be as-close-to-me-as-possible, and the peace in knowing he did want to please me, even when the moment got the best of him. 

I truly believe that if we pay attention to what we’re learning and doing, we’ll find more magic and joy in our lives and with our dogs. 

May you find more magical moments with your dog(s), no matter what you’re doing, teaching, or enjoying.

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