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Luck & Abundance

Luck & Abundance

Luck & Abundance

I listen to guided meditations every morning and evening while Mabel snuggles with me. They all say the same thing in different ways. If we want to live our best, love-filled, financially-free, and most joyous lives, we must think, feel, and believe those things even before we experience them.

So, today, I offer us all the below mantras to help us and our dogs live well-loved, easy lives:

May we savor a snoring-sacked-out dog next to us.

May we believe we deserve the love, abundance, and luck we desire.

May we respond to unsavory situations with grace and let them go from our hearts and souls as soon as they’re over.

May we live with hope, faith, and trust that even when what we want seems so far away, even impossible, every step we take can and will get us closer.

May we honor ourselves with rest, fun, and gratitude for all we have. 

Wishing you and yours luck and abundance today, tomorrow, and always.