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Love Is

Love Is

Love Is

After reading about violence, hate, and suffering in the news every morning, I can usually re-group with Mabel’s help making the bed. My sweet girl stands with her squeaky toy against the edge of the bed, longing, waiting for me to toss or tug in between me, arranging pillows and straightening the duvet. Mabel brings joy and laughter to an otherwise mundane task and helps remind me that a bit of silliness goes a long way to make my day brighter.

However, some weeks, what’s happening in the world makes me feel guilty for my safety, a roof over my head, and warm food. I feel frivolous and yearn to do more, so this week, I’ll keep this short and offer my thoughts on love inspired by dogs, of course.

Love is morning belly rubs, then racing inside together to snuggle on the sofa when it’s cold outside.

Love is looking in on your new(ish) rescue dog, who used to follow you every time you got up to see her sacked out in the middle of your bed, snoring. 

Love is after weeks of walking in the same two spots, your dog finally looks up at you, and she finally relaxes enough to walk on a loose leash.

Love is watching your dog dive into a giant pile of leaves, completely disappearing, then poking her head out with a ginormous grin before plunging back in. 

Love is laughing at yourself for thinking your dog can walk away from a dropped dirty dish sponge like you asked but instead proudly trots in the living room with it. 

Love is the glittering gaze of a dog who’s been in your life for so little time but who’s already stolen your heart.

May your day and weekend be filled with love, so much love that, if you’re called to it, you have enough to share with someone who needs it. 

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