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Home Is Where The Dog Is

Home Is Where The Dog Is

Home Is Where The Dog Is

I like to think that I’m organized, plan well, and can be nimble when things don’t go according to my projections. The latter, only on my best days. Yet, somehow, this time of year, I find myself in a constant state of hurriedness and just-push-through-the-exhaustion.

Why do everyday errands somehow take eight times longer during the holidays? It’s not like everyone else isn’t washing their cars or stocking up on stuffies for their dog to destroy throughout the rest of the year.

This morning, I crossed items off on my to-do list, then added more tasks to my day, reminding myself to breathe over and over again. I went to clean my coffee cup and was ecstatic because I had one more sip of caffeine that I didn’t think I had. I indulged in a quick round of bad dancing before I gave myself permission to sit down and pet Gavin for a few moments.

We all deserve quiet, nurturing time, even more so when we’re thrown out of whack by schedule changes and scrambling to pick up last-minute items. 

This weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself, take care of your needs, and savor stolen moments with your dog(s). Let’s all do our best to let go of our struggles and worries.

May we brush it off when we burn the brussel sprouts. May we relax and relish meeting someone special’s family for the first time. And, may we forgive ourselves for forgetting supplies and wrapping gifts with shipping rather than scotch tape (sorry, mom).

Because, at the end of the day, we get to come home to our dogs. And, no matter whether they’re punky puppies or seniors who’ve blessed our lives with years of joy, they’re love, pure and adoring love. 

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