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I like to think I’m a thankful person. When walking Mabel, I often silently list things I’m grateful for in that moment. Or, as I enjoy my coffee every morning and watch my sweet girl snore easily, trustingly against my leg, I’m beholden to her and all the joy, laughter, and absolute shenanigans she’s brought to my life.  

As we all (hopefully) celebrate Thanksgiving today, I hope you, too, have so much to appreciate, enjoy, and treasure, so I’ll keep this short and sweet, not like my dinner, where I plan to eat all the carbs and cheese I desire. 

If we can adjust a thermostat and feel warm, have food to fill our bellies, and have no violent interactions or experiences, may we be thankful.

If we love and like the people we spend our holidays with, may we be grateful.

If our leg is healing after our sweet bulldozer of a dog barreled into it coming when called too excitedly, may we be appreciative. 

If we spend our days mostly content with who we are and what we have, may we offer thankfulness.

If we have less to prove to the world and people we interact with than we did yesterday, may we be grateful for our growth.

If we have an amazing team blending, heating, and filling more pouches than we’ve ever made, may we share the love.

To you, our loyal, dog-loving, kind-hearted, kindred spirits, we’re grateful to you every moment of every day and hope your Thanksgiving is full of love, light, and gratitude, so much thankfulness.   
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