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Gifts Great & Small

Gifts Great & Small

Gifts Great & Small

When Gavin and I first moved into our apartment, we stumbled upon this fantastic shop in the neighborhood called Tiki Botanicals. We were invited in by the warm and welcoming people I’ve grown to look forward to seeing at the end of our walks. Gavin’s always thought walks were stupid unless he greeted as many people as possible, so it’s a beautiful way to end our strolls.

There’s something about small businesses and the people who work for them. We made the most pouches we’ve ever made this week, 818! I couldn’t have done it without the amazingness that is Cammie and Miranda. And I’m so excited for Christy to join our team after the first of the year. I may start chipping away at my need-to-sit-at-my-laptop-for-more-than-fifteen-minutes-at-a-time list.

Plus, Miranda agreed to come over and watch Gavin Wednesday night while my boyfriend and I ventured out for dinner, and it went so well that I’m still gushing with gratitude. And Liz, the official dog sitter, came over yesterday for our meet-and-greet and couldn’t have been more patient and lovely with all Gavin’s humping advances. I’m looking forward to a little healthy non-work time away from my boy while not forcing him to be alone before he’s ready.

Like everything in life, the ebb and flow are sometimes a tidal wave. I found another lump in Gavin’s right ear (where the last one was removed), and his oncologist can’t see us until December 23rd. So, I’ve let the ugly cries happen when they arise, and I’m focused on loving and listening to what my boy needs, moment by moment. His belly’s so much better. He’s bouncy and wiggly for every person he sees, and he’s currently snoring sweetly next to me.

After I dropped Gavin off at my mom’s house yesterday morning, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things for the shop. I was fumbling and couldn’t find my credit card, so I apologized to the cashier. She told me she’s often all over the place, a single mom caring for a four-year-old daughter. I then shared a tidbit of what was going on with Gavin. She looked at me earnestly and said, “I wish you strength,” I felt her words in my soul. Strength from a stranger, that’s what I needed.

May we all celebrate the gift of easy, light moments so that we have strength when those we love need us most.
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