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The FDA inspected us last week (routine for registered products). I went into it thinking, “We’ve got this.” Following super strict food safety and production processes is a we-love-dogs-more-than-anything-the-world policy, not a business matter.

However, there was some confusion about our filed paperwork which led the fear-authority part of me to become overly nervous answering the inspectors 15 questions at a time while simultaneously trying to format documents they wanted to be printed for their records.

I recovered by visiting one of my best friends and soul sisters for her birthday. And when I walked into her home after a long drive, I was greeted by her charming chihuahua Pip. Like Gavin, Pip’s your best friend the instant he meets you, showing off his stuffed toy, eager for butt scratches before he sniffs your eyelids. His sister, Ice, equally sweet, was rescued from a hoarding situation and always takes time to warm up before sitting quietly next to me, gently asking for affection. It fills my heart that I’ve earned her trust, and she’ll be my couch companion until her mom walks back in the room, then I’m chopped liver again. 

Speaking of liver, or liverwurst, all’s good with the FDA. They recommended a few extra tracking steps. Phew. For a spreadsheet-loving Capricorn, I’ve been far too happy tweaking and re-tweaking my process logs. If Monica Geller were a real person, we’d be dear friends. 

And I had a meet ‘n’ greet with a full-of-life, super sweet dog named Stella (I think I’ll call her Mabel), who could be my next best friend. The petite pittie, wiggle butt, is coming to hang out with me this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited. My sweet boy loved girl dogs and helped me wrangle too many wayward pups into tennis courts and the schoolyard near our Chicago condo over the years. So, I think my angel Gavin would approve of my choice if Stella/Mabel loves my home and environment as much as I already love her.

May your day and weekend be filled with friends, new and old.