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I’m back from vacation, a birthday celebration in Belize with my two best friends and their partners, one of whom we just met while on holiday. As much as I relished the warm weather, I treasured the togetherness the most. Long lingering breakfasts, discussions about what to do that day with no one having any strong opinions about anything, and time with people who make me laugh. The best thing in life is the gift of friends who are unafraid to allow each others’ light to shine and whose love and connection allow me to be me and feel great about it.

I even enjoyed some bad public dancing on a sunset cruise with Pam and a group of college students. It was glorious and liberating. And I was pretty proud of myself for going as low, low, low during a Flo’ Rida song as some of the youngsters, even though I was still recovering from the knee sprain Mabel-Dozer inflicted when she crashed into me too excitedly.

Why don’t we let go and feel unabashed joy every day, like on vacation? We all have responsibilities, chores, stress, and the mundane. But why can’t we find freeing and light-hearted moments here and there, like we do on holiday, even when the weather’s gusty and glacial?

Since I’ve been home, Mabel let me know it’s too cold here in Ohio for walks. And while I’m an as-long-as-I’m-adequately-bundled-gal, I’m not sad that my sweet girl prefers indoor activities right now. It’s freezing. So, to entertain my high-energy dog, I laid yoga mats all over my living room so we could play and run around without her slipping on the floor. 

Mabel and I have had fun racing up and down the stairs together, tugging with every toy in her bin, and tossing in training cues and tricks. Even though this is our first winter together, my girl and I have a flow that tells me she’s getting closer every day to settling in. Undoubtedly, she knows she’s home, loved, and safe

If we have warmth, beings who cherish us, and the security of a roof over our heads right now, may we all take a moment to feel grateful.

While we were in Belize, a tree fell on my beautiful friend Pam’s house, crashing through her roof into her bathroom and guest bedroom. She’ll be dealing with the aftermath and damage for a long time. Fortunately, no one was home or hurt. And, I was (as I’ve been many times over the years) in awe of my friend. The grace and humor she injected into every conversation with contractors, insurance agents, and the airline were commendable. Pam’s ability to go with the flow, even in a crisis, was admirable and something I aspire to do even in the daily humdrum in dreary weather.

Be safe and well and flow with life; it doesn’t come easy to most of us, but it makes our days more enjoyable.

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