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Face of Blossoming Bravery

Face of Blossoming Bravery

Jack Russell Mix "Callum" overcoming fear As we continue our Faces Of series, we want to thank all of you for your amazing input and support. It seems this little idea of ours is much needed and appreciated by all the awesome humans who love their dogs, imperfections and all. Our cherished canines sure adore us, despite all of our faults, don’t they? Another great story of a dog who can’t be judged by his looks is Callum, our blossoming brave friend. Callum is one more perfect example of a precious pup who’s emotions, behavior, and how he responds to the world can’t be assessed by a snapshot of his face. Here’s his story.

How did you and your dog find each other?

I wandered into Naperville Humane Society, thinking I would sign up to volunteer and fell in love with a tiny puppy instead.

What’s the biggest assumption people make based on your dog’s looks?

Callum looks like a Jack Russell Terrier; people ASSUME are high strung, immensely energetic, bold, stubborn, and annoying based on common, unfounded belief systems.

What personality trait does your dog possess that contradicts his or her physical appearance?

He is the laziest, lowest-stamina, snuggliest-ball-of-mush, and we love him. Callum is incredibly obedient and afraid of the entire universe, the complete opposite of bold, daring, and stubborn! He met a giant stuffed dog toy at the Morton Arboretum Dog Day event and ran behind me like it was coming to kill him. Fortunately, my husband and I know that laughing at his fear and/or forcing him to say hello would only worsen his angst.

What are the biggest obstacles you and your dog have overcome together? And, what was most helpful in helping you do so?

Callum is incredibly fearful. So, we go at his pace and slowly expose him to the world when ready. Enrolling him in a CGC class and obtaining our CGC certification instilled loads of newfound confidence in him! Because Callum likes learning and thrives on pleasing us, tackling the ten tests helped him succeed. And, with every accomplishment, Callum achieves his bravery blossoms.

If you could make a sign for the world to see to understand your dog’s individual needs better, what would it say?

I am friendly, just afraid. Unlike that goober Gavin who throws himself at everyone, I need people to listen to my parents and approach me more relaxedly. I know I am cute, but I need you to buy me a snack before you profess your love. I am super sweet; but, can not be rushed into an interaction. It scares me.

Anything else you want to share?

Callum is an amazing dog who teaches me a lot about patience and understanding. What I thought was going to be a rambunctious puppy and playmate for our other dog was actually a cuddle buddy to lean on. I thought we would be learning how to keep up. But, instead, he reminds us to slow down and take it all in—a valuable lesson we could all use.

Share your dog’s story, paint a detailed picture, and don’t forget to email us a photo at brandi@barkpouch.com. Thank you for helping us help the world better understand dogs.

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