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Everything’s Gravy

Everything’s Gravy

Everything’s Gravy

I mentioned in my last post that I found an AMAZING human to help us in the kitchen. It turns out that I lucked into two wonderful new additions to my team. I’m still unsure how I got so lucky. I know so many people are struggling to find employees at all. And, I somehow managed to now have three people who work so hard, genuinely care about doing a good job, and have their own things going on, so they don’t want full-time hours.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting caught up on inventory while I train the delightful Cammie to run the air compressor, piston filler, etc. And Cammie and I have been training Lou and EmiLee on our cleanliness standards, the care we take even in washing dishes, and just last week, SHIPPING! 

While I’ve been ecstatic to experience the growth of my business, there are only so many pouches I can pick and pack in a day, and I haven’t sat down much in recent months, so watching Lou and EmiLee pack orders the first time (and second and third) made my day. I’ve had so many moments the past few weeks where I felt happy tears roll down my face because I’m so grateful for the three people who are now part of my team. My team, I’m pinching myself even as I say it in my head. 

It’s taking me time to adjust. I’m so used to doing most things myself. I’m using a different part of my brain and altering energy to set them up for success and support them rather than motoring through printing batches numbers, organizing the kitchen, and packing orders. And, I love it. 

As I type this, my unbelievably wonderful team is in the batching pouches and packing orders while I catch up on all things laptop-related. I’m so appreciative of their diligence, intelligence, and work ethic. They’re such wildly different humans, and I’m excited that I have the opportunity to learn and grow myself because they deserve a leader who helps them do their best during the time they’re with me.

And, I wouldn’t be here without your trust in me, my products, and my business, so, thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy all the love and luck you deserve.

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