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I sat down last night, depleted. Nothing catastrophic happened, but it was a non-stop 13-hour day and roadblock, pothole-filled race-of-a-week. Most recently, potential dog sitter number three canceled our meet and greet last minute. 

I opened my laptop and contemplated doing yoga. But instead, I grabbed my blanket and decided to give myself the glorious gift of sitting and petting my dog in silence and enjoying my cup of tea when the phone rang. It was my kitchen team. The pedal on the pistol filler broke. They fixed it the best they could but wanted me to know so I could figure out a permanent repair. Ok. 

Then, the phone rang again, and I almost didn’t even look at it, but it was my best friend, who I’d missed terribly because we’d both been so busy that we hadn’t had time to catch up. Of course, she heard the exhaustion in my voice and offered to talk another time, but I knew my soul needed the heart-to-heart. 

As we embark on what’s supposed to be a magic-filled time of year but ends up being hectic and wonky, even if you’re lucky like me and not only love but enjoy the people you spend the holidays with, may we all remember this simple word enough. 

Because at the end of most days, we’ve all given, accommodated, accomplished, appreciated, apologized, scheduled, shared, planned, pushed, listened, taken in, tiptoed, bent, and juggled enough.

We are enough. You are enough.  
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