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I believe you get back what you put out into the world. I can’t tell you how many dogs I’ve met named Barkley who live up to their name, so I’ve been referring to my almost official rescue dog as my easy breezy Mabel girl.

Mabel has settled in so remarkably well. The most challenging part of the transition has been giving her alone time, which is more my anxiety than hers, and procuring a new crate.

Mabel’s first crate was stolen. The replacement crate was too small, and the box fell while I dragged it inside, scaring her. The third crate required a structural engineering degree, but it’s finally ready for us to start the acclimation process. And, the fourth crate was so heavy, it took Cammie and me all our strength to slide it into the backyard, under the sofa cover, to stay dry, waiting for me to keep or return it after testing crate number three.

As I’ve been planning Mabel’s alone time and getting to know her, she’s shown me what an absolute sweetheart she is. She’s a clumsy bulldozer but smart and likes learning as I’m starting to incorporate fun training games into our day. Mabel loves people, dogs, and all the food (even veggies) but was terrified of a stationary stroller in a backyard, so we’re steering clear of that street. 

I’ve sat with her so many times in the past 13 days and just thought, “I’m so lucky she and I have meshed so well, so quickly, so easily.” And, I’ve also thought, isn’t that what we all want, more joy and ease in our life?

I’ve also been tempted while relaxing with Mabel to plan, get a head start on my next day’s to-do list, scroll, or clean a crevice, but I’m trying to allow myself the easy moments and be in them, grateful for contentment.

There will always be bumps and turns, but when we’re more at peace, it’s easier to be thankful when a flat tire was nothing but a nail, a $35 fix. Or, to be grateful, I saw smoke coming out of the back of the food processor before we had a fire or Cammie or I were injured.

So, today and this weekend, I offer us all moments of ease and the foresight to appreciate the calm times so we’re better equipped to handle life’s little and big surprises.  
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