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I love this time of year. Even on a grey, chilly day, the promise of spring is everywhere. As Gavin and I walked this morning, he was more curious than usual to sniff every nook and cranny of grass. To be a dog and smell every remnant left behind by nature, I think I’d find it too overwhelming, but I delight in watching Gavin investigate.

One of the few requirements I had left for our next home was a fenced-in outdoor space for Gavin. Nothing brings him more joy than lounging in the sun or rolling around in the grass. As we got closer to our lease end, I contemplated a place with two tiny patios. And I mentally tried to make it work. The Open House I attended Saturday had 30+ attendees, aside from me, before it was even officially open. But, even as the days pass, I haven’t been ready to give up a sniff space for Gavin. I want to give him everything he needs and wants.

As Gavin checked every blade of grass this morning and I strolled next to him, it was tranquil. The dogwood trees burst with soft pink flowers, foreshadowing growth and beauty. With its bitsy lavender blooms, the creeping phlox offered the hope of support and nurture. And, the forget-me-nots sprouting here and there whispered, “Be wise and brave with a light heart.”

Nature is miraculous, epitomizing acceptance. Maybe if we did the same, life would be easier, more joyful, and more love-filled. 

Gavin and I are going tonight to meet our potential new landlords. I fell in love with their home on Monday, and they accepted my application and security deposit, so I’m hoping they see Gavin for who he is, a sweetheart of a dog who’s only wiggly and jiggly when he sees someone new. Otherwise, snuggling and napping are his top priorities. 

Thank you so much for all the well wishes on this journey and the kind words about Gavin’s new lump. It was benign, but he’s having it removed tomorrow because it’s growing between two teeth. Now that I’ve met the fabulous human Dr. Tom Klein, I wish I had relaxed more before our first appointment with him. I’m sure his staff wished that as well.

Maybe next time, I’ll take my cues from Mother Nature. There are seasons to let go, moments to be strong and withstand the storm, times to rest, and those to blossom.

I have a good feeling about tonight. It’s time to connect and move forward.

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