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Since most of you humans are recovering from comforting your dog(s) from the sky booms, my human asked me (Mabel) to step in again this week and share more pearls of wisdom for your dog(s). Here goes:

Be Helpful
I’m always helping my human when she waters flowers. Sometimes, I assist by watching over her, making sure she lightly mists the hanging petunias, or I test the strength of her basil by racing and trampling through them to drink water from the hose. But mainly, I prevent her from overwatering her zinnias by standing right in front of the hose, guzzling water, and letting it pummel my face. 

My other beneficial trait is eating all the vegetables my human drops when chopping them. Broccoli? Got it! Cauliflower? I’ll nab that, too. Green beans? Gack! No! Who eats those nasty things? I overheard her tell my uncle Matt that she hadn’t bought grapes since I blessed her life with my sweet, food-loving self because she knew she’d drop one, and you guessed it, I’d eat it.

Always Be Snacking
There are many ways to get your human to give you lots of snacks. I’ve learned that if I pick up anything and drop it, I’ll get a treat—socks while she’s putting away laundry—that rubber thing under the washer is so fun to grab and give back—and black walnuts. I don’t want to get sick or break my teeth either, so I release (if she misses picking up from our neighbor’s tree) for treats

The best way I know to get the best snacks is to be quiet after she says, “Don’t be a crackhead.” I have no idea what that means, but there’s usually a dog near our car or passing our front door, and woohoo, do I get all the treats when I don’t squeal, squawk, and squirm all over the place?

Train Your Human
I love snuggling with my human, but sometimes, I need my Mabel space. I tell my human this by getting up from her lap, stretching big, and then moaning-grumbling as I move far away to the furthest spot at the end of the sofa. My human never disrupts me. When I’m ready to curl up with her again, I turn around and shimmy stretch towards her. When she massages my head, I keep scooching closer until I get my favorite—belly rubs! She’s pretty obedient. I like that about her. 

That’s all for today. 
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