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My Birthday Gift to You

My Birthday Gift to You

My Birthday Gift to You

I turn 50 today. I can’t believe it. Though the creaks in my left shoulder remind me, my body’s half a century old. And my knees know how old they are, especially my right knee cap. It’s still healing from Crash-Master-Mabel running into me six weeks ago.

Other than that, I feel lighter, freer, and full of more love than I’ve ever felt, so that’s what I’m focusing on and celebrating. 

My beautiful soul sister Sheila, a friend who’s seen me through and been my side for so many ups and downs since our 20s, asks every year, and I now ask everyone else I love on their birthdays, “What did you learn last year? What do you hope to learn this year?”

Both lesson lists are long, but I’ll share a few here:

I’ve learned that I like the person I am and find more compassion and joy when I share my life with a dog, even one who repeatedly knocks me over

I now know sacrificing my peace and contentment, even in the name of loving another person, isn’t kind or fair to either of us.

I’ve experienced what it’s like to have a kitchen team that works together amazingly well and cares so deeply about what they make.

I long to enjoy what an overflowing financial cup feels like so I can give to my loved ones, my community, and the world.

I hope to help 1000s of beings (human or dog) live a better life, actually 100s of 1000s, but I’ll start small and work my way up.

I’d love to learn to draw. I started an online class last year and got (happily) sidetracked by my sweet, whirling dervish dog.

And, because my heart feels full when giving, I’d like to give you 20% off up to 20 pouches until the end of the year. We’re finally stocked, and it feels good to share our overflowing inventory with other people who love their dog(s). Use coupon code birthday20, until midnight 12/31/23, invalid on previous purchases, subscriptions, or other coupons.

Be safe and well, and spread love as often as you can. 

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