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Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

After Mabel’s vet visit last Friday, she was 90% better, then improved to 98% by Saturday, so I was feeling way too proud of myself for catching whatever she caught early while simultaneously thinking it may have just been allergies, and the herbal supplement Mabel’s holistic veterinarian prescribed her will continue clearing out the gunk in her sweet little body.

Monday afternoon, while Mabel was chilling at my mom’s house after we had a wonderful 15-minute sniffari along the tree line (with yummy dog treats, of course), I figured out why our piston filler would sometimes not push product through and then shoot out 500 grams at a time. Ah, success. The most difficult part of the week was going to be keeping Mabel entertained and happy without playing with any other dogs. 

However, Mabel woke me up in the middle of the night reverse sneezing so violently that it took me three tries to help stop it, and needed the cough suppressants I had on hand “just in case” while my exceptional employee Cammie came to hang out with her when I went to shop. Then, that afternoon, Felix downright exploded pounds of product all over the kitchen, requiring hours of clean-up for Cammie and Miranda.

Fortunately, neither of my team was hurt. But, our stock will continue to be low until we can repeatedly test the part we’re installing today enough that we’re confident we won’t have product spewing on us or losing it because Felix goes kaput mid-production.

As for my sweet good girl, we’ve ruled out pneumonia. And, now she’s bored and annoyed that she can’t party with her friends until she stops coughing sometimes when she chases water from the hose or brings me a toy to tug or fetch. I’ll take a side-eye and sighs any day over a dog who feels like doo-doo. 

So, today and this weekend, may we be grateful for every doggie grin, every squirrel-chasing dream warble, and every big head peacefully lying in our laps.
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