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Chickens & Eggs

Chickens & Eggs

Chickens & Eggs

As Mabel and I continue bonding and learning to communicate, I’ve thought a lot about the beginning stages of the dog-human relationship, whether forever or fostering.

It’s a lot for everyone, us, our dogs, the people we love. Give our dogs bones to relieve stress. Oh, but some pups swallow and choke on those bones. Or, they could fracture a tooth. Give the dog treats for good behavior. Oh boy, too many snacks and outside time (hopefully) is less pleasant for everyone involved. Or, are they allergic to this treat or that treat? It’s still so weird to me to give Mabel chicken. Gavin was highly allergic to poultry.

Mabel was at the vet again Wednesday for what we’re 99% sure are still allergies. Now she’s getting treats to learn eye drops aren’t scary. Because I wanted (and my veterinarian confirmed) to ensure we’re just dealing with allergies and nothing contagious, Mabel’s on hiatus from daycare for a few more days. 

Now we’re in that chicken and egg situation. Mabel’s an energizer bunny. She doesn’t stop the entire time she’s at daycare, then comes home at 7 pm and looks at me as if to ask, “Now, what are we doing?” However, the neighborhood has so many construction sounds throughout and scary orange cones and dogs who stress her out because she can’t say hi or they bark at her that we’re suspending local walks. Gavin would have hated all the commotion too. Plus, with air quality concerns, even sniffaris, if I can find the right spots for her, are concerning.

So we invented a game this morning: tug the stuffies, chase the stuffies, chase me with stuffies in her mouth, then kill the stuffies. My sweet good girl was so happy and wiggly and squirmy and silly. Now, she’s napping after a good gnaw on her rubber bone. 

Today, I cheer you if you’re making a plethora of decisions in the day to give your dog(s) what they need to be their happiest selves. Kudos if you foster dogs. I love the we-really-know-and-trust-each-other part of the relationship and give all you foster parents a standing ovation for constantly getting to know and help dogs as they look for their forever home.

I greatly thank my mom, who agreed to watch my whirling dervish yesterday. I’m still giggling at the one text she sent me while I was in the kitchen, “Mabel jumped on the chair and brought me her leash. She had to pee, lol.” And I can never say enough how grateful I am to my team. Cammie, Pandora, and Jordan kicked some major pouch-making butt yesterday afternoon.

Be safe and well out there today and this weekend.

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