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Case of the Woo Hoos

Case of the Woo Hoos

Case of the Woo Hoos

My sweet boy loves lounging, especially in the wintertime, preferably under the covers. Even when someone he knows and loves walks into the room, he lazily slithers off the sofa or bed and then stops to stretch before wiggle-walking toward them. If snuggling were an Olympic sport, Gavin would win a gold medal.

But, when all of Gavin’s favorite people are in the same room at the same time, that’s when the Woo Hoos come out. He zooms so quickly from my sister to my nephew that I’m often unsure whether his head or back end will make it to them first. And, when the sun’s out, and he’s been hibernating because it’s too cold, wet, noisy, dark, or any other Gavin dislikes, he races down the stairs and the gate with such swiftness and the biggest smile that I feel euphoric being part of his ecstatic experience.

This morning, we were bundled up and moseying along our usual route when Gavin stopped. Because it was cold outside, we hadn’t passed anyone, as usual, but I could tell by how he stood in the grass that a dog was behind us. When I turned around, the cutest, happiest beagle pup was zig zagging all over the park path, ears too big for her growing body flapping about.

As she came closer, I assured Gavin, as I always do, that I would protect him, but I couldn’t help but giggle at her delight. The pup’s human was as blah as Gavin and I about walking in the cold, but that little dog was all about the Woo Hoos. She’d tug towards the river, where it overflowed from the melting snow and bounced back. Woo, Hoo, there’s dead fish on the sidewalk. Then she’d look our way again and speed up. Woo Hoo, there’s a dog or a human, or both. And, as her human tried to pass, the pup stopped, tail flip-flopping back and forth 90 miles an hour. Woo Hoo, can’t I please say hi? And, after they passed us and walked up the hill, the pup galavanted ahead. Woo Hoo, we’re walking somewhere new. 

It made my day to be part of the beagle pup’s day, to witness her joy at the simplest things: smells, walks, the sight of someone, anyone.

I have a couple of Woo Hoos of my own. Not only did my delightful kitchen assistant decide she’d love to work more hours, but I received a resume from another seemingly incredible human who’d also like to help me part-time. WOO HOO! I’m so excited and hope the three of us make a great team and can together get and keep all five recipes and both sizes in stock. 

I hope you have as many Woo Hoos as possible today. 
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