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Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

Mabel growled at me Monday night. I hope it was just a blip, a bump in the road, as it was a wonky day that started with her being terrified of the trash truck on our way to the car for her to go to daycare. 

The grumble ended as quickly as it started, and I’ve seen nothing but wiggly, relaxed body language since then. Still, I was so thankful I’d already planned a virtual session with an excellent dog trainer after finally admitting that I couldn’t objectively approach or work on her home-alone training. And, now we’re adding good things happen protocol to help Mabel succeed in her new home as happily as possible for her and me. 

There are inevitable turns and surprises as we get to know dogs and they get to know us, no matter how many high-value treats we use. I’m still trying to figure out her allergies with the help of my veterinarian. Our approach when these relationship roadblocks happen makes all the difference for me.

My lifelong impulse has been to worry, catastrophize, and exhaust myself thinking about handling the worst-case scenarios. However, in recent years, I’ve used a meditative breathing technique whenever I do mundane tasks like folding laundry, cleaning, or doing dishes, where I breathe in love and out of fear. I welcome ease and silently set free struggle. I imagine the best-case scenario, allow myself to feel the joy, and offer thankfulness for my tremendous tomorrows. 

That has yet to work at all this week. So, as I was driving yesterday, I thought, maybe I accept that I’m a little worried. Perhaps I acknowledge the fear in me. We all carry concerns, but maybe I just let my doubts be what they are.

And, as I pondered, a badly banged-up car with temporary tags passed me, and I watched the driver use a hand signal to communicate a lane change because the back end was so beaten up that there weren’t even tail lights. And I thought, “How lucky am I to be driving a safe car today,” and I was suddenly at peace.

I hope the driver has luck and abundance in his tomorrow. And I hope we’re all thankful when simple bumps are weighing on our minds today.

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