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My new mantra every morning is, “please let today be boring.” We had to veer from a 500-pouch-making day on Tuesday because I misjudged how many pouches needed labeling. As the day progressed, one of our kettles broke, and we had to fuss with one of our sous vide motors, so it worked out. We likely would have wasted product and been at the shop late if we’d stuck to our plan.

Years ago, when I hired an animal communicator, she told me Gavin loves people, but he’d prefer it just be him and me at home. I asked her to kindly tell him I didn’t want to be a hermit and please be happy when we have company. Well, my sweet dog was a total twerp Wednesday night while my boyfriend was over. Despite what I felt was mental, physical, and emotional satiation throughout the day and fun brain games while I made and we ate dinner, Gavin was hellbent on humping both of us.  

Thankfully my boyfriend is a wonderful and kind man, and after a good night’s sleep, I’ve got more ideas on the ever-evolving-no-humping plan. 

Today’s not looking tame, but I’ve been focusing my ten-minute-morning meditations on grounding. The deeper our roots, the more connected we are with ourselves and each other, and the easier the ebb and flow of life are. Yesterday’s kitchen day flowed much better. So, I’m ready for Gavin’s surgical consultation. I’ll batch and conduct Salmon & Ricotta’s post-production testing today, so (hopefully) it’ll be on the website tonight, and I look forward to a dinner of tacos on a patio with my nephew.

May your day and weekend flow well, no matter how off-track you get.

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