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Dog as my Teacher

My heart hurts when I read about violence, natural disasters, and strife affecting too many people worldwide. I feel frivolous. I want to do more, give more, and be more to this world than what I’m doing now. I’m sad for so many people who abruptly and brutally lose their lives. And I’m sorry for… View more

Face of a Sensitive Soul

Oh, Sinna. We remember those icy blues and uncertainty the first time we met her. How patient her parents were while they were getting to know her and help her overcome her separation anxiety. Then, we remember how happy she was to see us when her family trusted us to work on her leash skills… View more

Face of a Gentle Giant

We met this 90-pound huggy hound back in 2011. Bo just loved everyone so much that he wanted to throw his entire body on every person he met. He has so much joy to share. Poor, tender Bo does not understand why people cross the street when they see him coming. He would not hurt… View more

Face of a Survivor

Meet Jax, a dog we have been honored to have known for years. We watched Jax romp and play without even glancing over his shoulder in puppy school every time his dad said his name and worked really hard to teach him NOT to scale trees after EVERY squirrel in the neighborhood. We taught him… View more

Face of Shattery Sweetness

Introducing the next puppy tale of “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” We were absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to work with this sweet, sensitive, non-stereotypical Labrador. And, every time we walked through the neighborhood with him, he drew a crowd. People literally looked like they were unconsciously being pulled to pet this… View more

First Loves

Gavin and I were out for our morning walk. And, across the street, I caught a glimpse of a gentleman I have schlepped past almost every morning since I moved to my neighborhood. He was standing stoic and confused on the sidewalk. I watched as my neighbor unsuccessfully tried to take the leash out of… View more

Face of Blossoming Bravery

As we continue our Faces Of series, we want to thank all of you for your amazing input and support. It seems this little idea of ours is much needed and appreciated by all the awesome humans who love their dogs, imperfections and all. Our cherished canines sure adore us, despite all of our faults,… View more

Face of a Big Baby

One fleeting glance, we think we know a dog. We gage a dog’s personality based on looks alone. Suppose a dog on the street has the same physical attributes as a dog we’ve known. In that case, we automatically assume they share the same temperament because that dog is also fluffy, short, muscly, floppy-eared, has a mustache,… View more

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