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Glorious Gratitude

Glorious Gratitude

My kitchen days start at 4:51 a.m., and I often don’t fall into bed until 1 or 2 a.m. the next day. I’m not working the entire time, of course. But given that it takes about three hours to set up and tear down in the rent-by-the-hour kitchen, it makes sense to make as many pouches… View more

Presence and Peace

Presence and Peace

Up until last summer, Gavin and I both worked hard to keep him relaxed and happy on walks. He’s unbelievably sensitive and doesn’t handle ANY change well AT ALL—no matter how intricately I planned and managed his walk times. A helicopter flying overhead, a lawnmower starting, or a dog getting too close despite my asking (sometimes… View more

Magical Moments

Magical Moments

It was a Sunday morning, and I'd just finished an hour of pulling weeds. I asked Gavin if he wanted to go inside and get breakfast. He gave me that look that told me he wanted to stay outside. It was a beautiful day. I wasn't in a hurry, so I sat on his blanket with him.... View more

For the Love of the Walk

My sister and mom made this photo set of my beloved Finn and my sweetheart Gavin. I see it every morning when I wake. It’s my reminder of why I do what I do. I love walks, specifically with my dog. My lug, my Finn, created that love. His endless energy, adventurous spirit, and into-everything-naughtiness inspired… View more

Face of a Demure Dynamo

I met this dazzling dog when she was a wee little tyke. Even as a puppy, Kaia carried a lot of weight on her gorgeous shoulders. She absorbed every sound and sight that came her way and stashed them away in her canine crock. Fortunately, she landed in the perfect home, for her. I still… View more

Face of a Growly Goober

It’s no secret. I melt like a chocolate bar in the glorious sun when I see a grey-faced dog. I met delightful Sammie when he was a blossoming boy and man, did he LOVE jumping on people. How could he not? Sammie was such a happy guy who had to share his excitement at the sight… View more

Dog as my Teacher

My heart hurts when I read about violence, natural disasters, and strife affecting too many people worldwide. I feel frivolous. I want to do more, give more, and be more to this world than what I’m doing now. I’m sad for so many people who abruptly and brutally lose their lives. And I’m sorry for… View more

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