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A week after Gavin’s rug-eating episode, he woke me up in the middle of the night to go outside. And this happened throughout the night. Fortunately, we had an appointment the next day with our holistic veterinarian, who confirmed my thoughts that if he’s not improving quickly, it’s time for an x-ray. Again, that night, midnight, 2 am, and 3 am potty breaks. 

I was already sleep-deprived from four days of fireworks, then a power outage at my apartment, but when Gavin needed to sit outside, in the backyard for a bit, I told myself that I’d never regret being kind and patient to him. And, when we stumbled, together, back upstairs for him to settle in for a bit of sleep, I was grateful for this dog by my side for nine plus years, a beacon of love and sweetness, even in his not-feeling-great moments.

I’d planned to take Gavin to Dayton, OH Saturday to see a friend visiting from Oregon. Still, he wasn’t improving, so we headed to the newest doggie urgent care center, COVE, where he was examined, observed, then subsequently had a cantaloupe-sized amount of carpet removed from his stomach. 

Fortunately, he’s now on the mend, and I have unbelievable support. I don’t know how I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who’s now agreed to watch him on both my kitchen days. And, I’m thankful to my team, who, with their innately amazingly positive attitudes, are going to help me reduce my kitchen time on Tuesdays so my mom doesn’t have 12+ hour days on Gavin duty.  

I didn’t consider when I drove 30+ miles to the emergency hospital that I may have to go back. When I worried about Gavin’s nausea a couple of days after his surgery and COVE told me to bring him in for an exam, I was at a loss. I’d spent Gavin’s first night home, curled up next to him on the hardwood floor, then his second night, terrified I’d accidentally bump his stomach. My tank was empty, but my wonderful boyfriend was at my apartment in a flash to drive us and didn’t once remark about the smell or tail-wagging-poop-flying after Gavin had an accident in the car.

It’s been a week, and there’s a distinct possibility I may have to re-formulate my recipes as the company who makes our acidulant told me they could no longer supply it to us. But I slept last night, and my sweet boy is sawing logs in the bathroom. So, I’ll hopefully get more rest this weekend while I’m at home with my healing hound and re-group next week. 

May you be blessed with beacons of love and light, whether they have four legs or two.  
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