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Author: Brandi Barker

Face of a Big Baby

One fleeting glance, we think we know a dog. We gage a dog’s personality based on looks alone. Suppose a dog on the street has the same physical attributes as a dog we’ve known. In that case, we automatically assume they share the same temperament because that dog is also fluffy, short, muscly, floppy-eared, has a mustache,… View more

Smell the Flowers

Smell the Flowers

Two days before Christmas, I felt every jagged rock under my boot as I tried catching my breath. My nephew, Isaac, was racing ahead. His long legs moved effortlessly up the steep incline. Gavin was captivated by fluttering leaves, squirrels springing from limb to limb and trees, glorious trees. My brother, Chris, and I chatted… View more

The Scenic Route

Closure. I was not sure there was going to be an official end and even less convinced it would give me the warm fuzzy, sky seems brighter, birds chirping louder and more joyous feeling that I was hoping would wash over me. But, I drove 400 miles, my GPS guiding me through small towns and gorgeous landscapes… View more

A Cautionary Tale

It was 63 degrees and the sun’s rays were peeking through the emerald green leaves like sparkly bands. The breeze was just a whisper and my sweet little Gavin was attached to my hip; trotting along on a perfect Tuesday morning. The first weeks of summer are oddly quiet; usually Lil’ Big Head wiggles, jiggles and squirms… View more

People Don't Suck

I jumped on Facebook for my usual three minute cruise. I liked one of my best friend’s newborn photos and was feeling grateful that I was privately informed of her child entering the world before it was announced on social media. Then, I stumbled upon an article about people taking selfies with a baby shark who… View more

Love & Dog Training

Almost fifteen years ago; I fell head over heels, instantly, for an unwanted dog. One look at Finn and I felt my face light up and my heart soar. And, when my Lug tackled me and smothered my cheeks, eyelids and forehead with kisses; I saw a glitter gaze wash over his joyful eyes. Finn… View more

Stumbling Into Resilience

I started this article in Spring 2012 as the third in our Lessons Learned Series.  Finn’s health declined and his well-being quickly became my only priority when I was not with clients and their dogs.  At the time, I admired my amazing dog for his strength and his lighthearted ways, despite having endured ample hard… View more

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