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Author: Brandi Barker

Before You Get Your Puppy

Which Breed is Best? With the growing number of hybrid dogs, it’s tough to choose. It’s vital you consider the dog’s activity level, grooming requirements, size, personality, training ease and sociability. Cuteness counts too, but should be the last component on your checklist. The following are some resources to help you choose, these are simply… View more


Attitude Adjustment What does  dog want when he jumps up? Attention.  If you and all your guests can be consistent with giving attention only when he’s not jumping, he will stop jumping in a matter of days. Reward only greetings that you want repeated. When he jumps on you, stand tall and turn your back…. View more

Dog and New Baby

Your dog has been the center of your world so you need to teach him that being away from you is a good thing before the baby arrives. It is tough after a long day and everyone believes that they will still give the exact same amount of attention to their four-legged child but you… View more

Separation Anxiety

What is it? Separation anxiety is a serious behavioral issue that the dog panics upon the departure and absence of his guardian.  It is extremely sad to see dogs with full-blown separation anxiety as even the mildest departure triggers can cause severe emotional and behavioral responses such as: Chewing to get out of crate or… View more