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All the Wrong Things

All the Wrong Things

All the Wrong Things

As Gavin’s healing from stomach surgery, it’s been tricky calibrating his anxiety, pain, and nausea medications and supplements. I don’t want him uncomfortable, but I also don’t want him comatose.

Gavin started derping Monday night, and as I tried to give each medication time to kick in, he was intent on eating anything he could find. He eyed my fabric baskets, went for the electric outlet, and with every step I took, following him to make sure he didn’t get hurt, I could feel it was all wrong. 

I know what damage Gavin can do if he eats carpet again. And I know that if he eats grass, it upsets his stomach even more. But I also know when I’m stressed and worrying, my attempts to help my sweet dog make the right choices stress him out more.

Fortunately, my veterinarian confirmed that Monday’s episode wasn’t a complication from Gavin’s surgery. So, when he derped a little bit Wednesday morning after the garbage truck outside of our apartment scared him, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that if I’m stressed for him, it won’t help him a bit.

And after sitting on the bathroom floor, gently rubbing his chest with love and confidence that we’ll get through this, Gavin stood up, shook himself off, and gave me a look that told me he was good and ready to go for his walk.  

It’s incredible how shifting our energy can alter our dogs’ state of being. 

May you fill your day with easy energy that gives you and your dog(s) the peace you deserve. 

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