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Game-changing lickable dog treats

for easy-breezy time with your dog.

With one quick squeeze of Bark Pouch’s irresistible dog treats, you’ll enjoy amazing attention and heart-filling fun, no matter what.


Bliss out without nipped fingers


Mess-free magical moments


Transformation you’ll love


Make nail trims happy time


Oh, so easy-to-use on the go

Vet visits

Even exams are joyful

Why Bark Pouch?

Human-grade deliciousness

Dogs fill our lives with joy and sunshine. That’s why we’re deeply committed to loving them back with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.


We’ve designed our tempting treats for dispensing in teeny-tiny amounts. One gentle squeeze, a quick lick, and your dog will happily tag along wherever your heart takes you.

Perfect for picky eaters

Our recipes are blended and simmered to aromatic exquisiteness then packaged to lock in the savory smell so, they’re extra enticing amid distractions, even squirrels!

Grab & go package

Whether your busy life escape is an adventurous hike, urban outing, or neighborhood stroll, our convenient pouch makes getting out the door easy.

Made with love, always

From sustainably sourced fish and meat and poultry from reputable US farms to the non-toxic, food-safe cleaning supplies we use, we take great care every step of the way.

Great for dogs with allergies

We also love dogs on limited ingredient diets. We make every recipe separately to ensure the ingredients in your pouch are the only ingredients your dog enjoys.

Meet Duke


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